Online marketing has overcrowded the digital world in the past few decades. It has become a great deal for companies of every segment to stand out from the crowd. Internet marketing has started to become a battlefield for customer attention. Consumers have less time to spend on your website and even more the shorter level of patience to understand your brand. This is exactly where the use of animation comes into play as a most effective marketing tool for all the ingenious marketers.

Audiences love videos! They watch a video if they are sad or happy, even refer to a video if they are in search of great motivation, and so overall a life of a viewer revolves around an informative and innovative video. In fact, a recent prediction by Cisco states that 82% of all consumer traffic will be video by 2020.

An appropriate video considered as the most powerful marketing tool as it helps to enhance the visibility and the awareness of your brand. Not only has this it helped to build credibility and trust of your potential customers but also allows marketers to interact with their users directly.

With numerous advantages provided by animation, it can be a bit hard to understand where to start from. Further, in the article, we have concluded a list of ten creative and innovative ways for you to incorporate your best animation videos in your online marketing strategy.

Use Animation for your website

Website is one of the best places where you can start using your animation skills. Whether it might be motion graphics, GIF’s or animated video, all of them help to enhance your rate of conversions.

Animation for Email marketing

Incorporating animation in your techniques of email marketing can help your brand stand out from the crowd. Moreover, an animated email looks more appealing to your audience in comparison to a newsletter. A dynamic brand announcement can make your viewers curious about your brand and its offerings.

Motion Graphics

Consider motion graphics as the best way to interact with your targeted audiences on a visual level. With the help of amazing graphics and colorful pictures, one can easily make their viewers stick to their brand. Motion graphics allow the user to make their illustrations work in motion, thus making your video exciting.

Use your skills of 3D Animation

3D animation helps you to draw your imagination and its different prospects into the 3D world. Many organizations are using the technology of 3D animation to communicate the vision of their brand with the audiences.3D animation creates an impressive image of your brand in front of your targeted segment as it is an indirect indication that your brand is ahead in this competition of animation.


E-cards are not only best for personal communication, but they provide you with a great medium to keep in contact with your potential customers. They are an interesting piece of creation that can bring humor to the recipient. One can easily reinforce their brand’s image on different types of e-cards.

Whiteboard Animation

Explaining about your products or services becomes more comfortable with whiteboard animation. This is the most cost-effective way if your company loves to follow the budget. A video with a whiteboard animation and a voiceover can easily communicate with your audiences by telling them a story. The concept of whiteboard animation helps to keep your video simple and easy to understand.

Animated GIF’s

Animated GIF’s are a viral phenomenon! They are not only humorous and funny, but they are a great medium to connect with your potential customers, one must make it a point to add animated GIF in their marketing strategy. Whether you make your own GIF’s or use another platform to get one, they are indeed a great medium to enhance your brand message.

The one great thing about these GIF’s is that they are concise and short.

Animate your Logo’s

Companies are also indulging themselves into the idea of animating their logo. The primary purpose of your logo is to strengthen your brand’s identity and to create an awareness of your brand. Animated videos help to keep your brand on the top priority of your targeted segment. Many leading brands such as Google, Intel, Firefox and IKEA have already integrated this technique.

Explainer Videos

If you are seeking out for an easier way to enhance your brand’s personality, then explainer videos with cartoons are the best way to do so. Explainer videos not only help your customers to understand the process of your product but also help your brand to capture more attention.

In fact, cartoons are a great way if you want to educate your potential customers about your demographics.

Stop-Motion Animation

Stop motion is a fantastic way to showcase your prospects about the way your brand works. Moreover, it also helps in giving an insight to the customers about the process of your product.

Wrapping Up!

With the help of the different types of animations discussed above, you can easily depict about the process of your service or product made in real-time. Such animations provide a considerable advantage to the businesses who mainly want to focus on the requirements of their targeted audiences. Such techniques not only help to enhance your brand’s visibility but also assist in maintaining the trust of your viewers on your brand.

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