Do you know that on an average a user spends around 10 seconds on a business website, just in case if they don’t find your website attractive enough to stay for longer? This automatically means that you only have a few seconds to convey your ideas and motives to your potential segment of audiences so that you can convince them with the offerings of your products and services. Within such a short span of time, you cannot entirely rely on text and graphics; you need to have something solid and convincing for your potential users such as – Animated videos. Texts can be quite confusing and hard for your targeted audiences to understand, thus can also be misinterpreted! Processed textual information can also be very time consuming, and practically your casual visitors don’t have much time to read all the information.

So is there any other way through which you can easily convey your core messages to your visitors with n few seconds?

So the good news is that Animated videos and explainer videos can help you to communicate your ideas in some of the most exciting, innovative and creative ways.

Just in case if you are looking out for a strategy to get your ideas across seamlessly, animated videos can provide your business with a perfect pitch.

Wondering, what makes such explainer and animated videos so awesome?

Read on!

No matter how insightful and original the offerings of your product and services are, if your audiences are not able to consume and appreciate the information, they won’t consider buying it. This makes it quite essential for any business or brand to provide their potential prospects with a run-down of what makes their business offerings engaging and easy to consume. There is no secret behind that animated videos help to enhance your business and surge up your sales by providing your audience with relevant information. The vibrant animation, captivating narration and alluring voice-overs make your animated videos the perfect piece of cake to consume.

But what is an Animated Video?

An animated video is a creative medium that helps to fulfill the purpose of explaining your motives, business ideas and concepts with the help of short animation. This strategy is considered as one of the most cost-effective and efficient tools that helps to highlight the prominent points of your products and services. Animated videos allow you to curtail your business concepts into a captivation form of visual content.

Read on further, to explore the advantages of animated videos and what makes this marketing technique a perfect marketing tool to enhance your business.

  1. Explains the main objective behind your product or services
  2. Animated videos offer its users with an easy medium to highlight the primary offering and goals of the business. This is one of the most perfect tools for business of every segment as it helps to easily promote and sell the offering in those areas where it is difficult to sell. With the help of such animated videos, you can virtually visualize any scenario most compellingly and attractively.

  1. Animated Video increase your rate of conversions
  2. The main motive behind any marketing campaign is to enhance sales, and animated videos provide you with a perfect getaway to accomplish all your business goals. With the help of such informative and attractive videos, you can easily convey your message to your audience. Moreover, animated videos make a long-lasting impression on the minds of your potential segment.

  1. They help your business rank high on Google
  2. Google the most loved search engines, loves videos! Video content tends to rank higher and better in different search results. Moreover, animated videos tend to rank 53 times better on Google as compared to that of a plain textual piece of information.

  1. Animated videos generate the interests of your audiences
  2. If you feel that your products or services are quite complex to understand, then animated videos are the best way to pitch up with vibrant colors and alluring animation. With such engaging visual content, you can quickly surge up the online presence of your business.

  1. Enhances your brand recognition
  2. Animated videos offer an easy way for your business to build up your business identify. To get the brand recognition that one seeks for, you need to know how to take your product and services to the market. The versatility of animated videos makes it easy for your potential audiences to consume your content, thus making it easy for them to relate with your brand.

  1. Animated Videos build powerful branding
  2. If you give your audience something which is out of the box and innovative, then the feedback of your potential viewers will be awesome. Animated videos help you to get such results, easily and quickly.

  1. Animated Videos are easy to –SHARE
  2. Animated videos are the easiest way to share your content on different social media platforms. This makes the perfect answer to the question of why videos are shared so quickly and easily via a mobile device. Sharing not only helps to enhance the visibility of your video content but also helps your brand to create connections with your potential segment.

  1. Animated Videos are Mobile-Friendly’
  2. Videos are the most mobile-friendly way as they get shared very easily on various social media platforms. If you have mobile-friendly animated video content, you can easily enhance your visibility.

  1. Creates a long lasting impression on your potential customers
  2. Are you aware of the fact that 80% of the people can easily recall if they have seen the video content?

    Yes, it might be astonishing, but it is true!

    Videos crafted in the form of alluring masterpieces help your audience to connect with your brand easily, thus increases user engagement.

  1. Best way to enhance your Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Animated Videos can be easily produced at much better rates as compared to simple ads. Animated videos can be easily produced with a small cost and provide an engaging medium to keep your potential audiences glued to your website, thus enhancing your Return on Investment.

Final Thoughts!

Animated videos are the best way to get your messages conveyed easily to potential audiences. Incorporate the strategy of animated videos in your business strategies and enjoy the advantages.

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